Figurative paintings

The main subjects and themes that inspire me are cities, architecture and abandoned or decayed buildings. I also love to paint landscapes and nature with a personal touch and unique approach to abstraction. For most paintings, I start with a self-taken photograph because I usually take multiple high-quality photos of the same subject. I use graphics software for studying the contrasts and colors in the picture as well as different compositions.

Most of my figurative paintings are painted with oil-based colors on canvas, using a brush or palette knife. I also like to use other tools such as a sponge or rail for applying paint. Previously I created some figurative paintings in acrylic paint. Now I solely use oil-based paints because of its superior versatility and color intensity. Sometimes I use a video projector for sketching the image on canvas with charcoal, especially when dealing with difficult perspectives. Projecting a photo on canvas also helps me to find the optimal size and position for the painted object(s).

All paintings are delivered with my signature and without a frame. When you are interested in buying one of the artworks, I will offer you the opportunity to view or try the artwork in advance without obligation.