Custom painting

Are you looking for a personal painting, for example as a remembrance of a beautiful journey or city? I can paint a unique oil painting based on a photo or description of your favorite subject. Though my specialization is urban scenes and landscapes, I like to take the challenge of painting just any other object in my style. If you're an abstract art enthusiast, then I can design and paint an artwork that suits the style and size of the space for which it is intended.

The colors of your painting will be very bright and vibrant because I will paint with oil paint. Artworks are always delivered with signature and without a frame. The price of a custom painting depends on the subject and dimensions and can range between 300 and 1500 euro. The time it takes before the artwork is ready for shipping also depends and will be at least four weeks because of the drying time of oil-based paint.

You are not obliged to purchase the finished painting so do not hesitate to tell me what your wishes are. When possible, send me the best picture of the subject that you would like me to paint.

Painted for Hans

Custom painting This large painting of the Stonehenge monument hangs in Hans' living room and is a beautiful remembrance of his trip through the South of England.
Portret in opdracht Are you specifically looking for a portrait? My brother Maarten paints realistic portraits of people and pets. You can find more information on his website: